Alaska's Healing Hearts year round nationwide outdoor recreational rehabilitation programs include hunting, fishing, and numerous other outdoor pursuits and activities designed around the requests and desires of our nations brave wounded warriors, their families, and their loved ones.  We do what is asked of us, but also add new and challenging options and offer opportunities to expand horizons and levels of achievement for our guests.   

These sorts of activities are termed "social reintegration" by therapists. Our intent is to reach beyond the clinical rehabilitation programs in which injured military personnel typically participate. We strive to imbue our Veterans with the realization that they can live active and productive lives.

We have witnessed first-hand that these programs genuinely help bolster confidence and self esteem.  Our goal is to provide a quality venue for assimilation with the public and create continual opportunities to discover the "new normal" for every Warrior and their loved ones.


Thanks to donations from people like yourself and corporate sponsors we are able to continue these programs at absolutely no cost to our Heroes. Thank you.

The mission is not simply to Survive......but to Thrive.




“Alaska’s Healing Hearts wishes to remind us all that as American Citizens, that with the faith and support of our fellow man and the love of our Lord; no matter the trials and tribulation, No matter the circumstances or misfortunes; Nothing is out of reach, Nothing is "UN-achievable", All obstacles are conquered, All wounds heal, and All walls fall, because each of us matter. We offer a soft place to land.”

Alaska's Healing Hearts
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