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“The quality of your life will be determined by the quality of your contribution. When you work to improve the lives of others, your life improves automatically.”


– Kurek Ashley

Alaska's Healing Hearts has NO paid staff members.

100% Volunteer Board of Directors

100% Volunteer Leadership

100% Volunteer Staff

100% Volunteer Efforts

Where Your Money Goes

Monthly Fisher House Meals

Veteran Assistance

Current Island Development

Western Warrior Weekend

Training Assistance 

Building Maintenance Shop

Equipment Purchases

The People Who Benefit

Every dollar of donated funds goes directly to helping the Military and Veterans right here in Alaska!

We have many programs and activities that include returning soldiers interacting with their Brothers and Sisters of combat.

The Majority of all AHH volunteers are Veterans and Spouses. They know the struggles first hand, they have the time and patience to listen, to help, and to ask the hard questions when needed.


 Everyone speaks about the 22 Veterans a day that commit suicide, this is a group that gets up, gets out there, and does something real to stop it.

You will see us at local small events talking with people. You see us working with other organizations to help collect canned food.


A place you are less likely to see us is on T.V. bragging about the mission we completed today while helping a fellow brother or sister. Their pain and struggle is not our advertising strategy, it is not the next shirt idea or any reason we should benefit.

We do great things, every day!

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