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An Average of 22 Veterans a day Commit Suicide due to untreated mental illness, lack of support, and unavailable basic life needs.

ALASKA Contains the 5th Highest Veteran Population in the United States. In 2014 There Were 73.397 Veterans Including

*58,023 Wartime Veterans

*10,192 Female Veterans

*63,205 Male Veterans

Approximately 14% of adults in Alaska have served in the Military. Not including current active duty.

ALASKA is limited by a smaller overall population with programs that benefit our Veterans. Alaska's Healing Hearts is changing these odds by one on one personal connections. We take the time to get to know one another and build a supportive network with jobs, housing, basic needs, help with chores, fixing cars, and any other help we may need to provide, we do our best to help, or find someone who can. Our Mission is to Serve the Battle Wounded and Battle Weary, we are able to do great things because of our volunteer board and staff. We have no paid positions in our entire organization. We count on funding from our sponsors, with good or services and the hard work of our volunteers.


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The support you have provided has helped several warriors one of those warriors was my husband. He

was blown up in 2013 and sustained several injuries. He was fighting internal as well as external battels

and was having a hard time enjoying things he once did. Locked himself in his room and was going down

the path that many combat veterans do. Long story short we crossed paths with Alaska’s Healing Hearts

and they have helped my husband live again. They have helped him enjoy life and slowly but surly he is

healing and has had a great organization behind him. We are forever grateful for the supporters and

Alaska’s Healing Hearts.

Thank you, Jessica Klick

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SUNDAYS RIDE- I'd like to start off by saying that my name is SGT Gilmer. I have been active duty for the last 11 years and have deployed 3 times. Joining the Army has been all I've ever wanted to do and I moved to Alaska with the intentions of completing my 20 years. Unfortunately upon my arrival to Alaska I was injured and after almost 2 years of physical therapy the decision was made to med board me. Something I never planned on. The emotions have run the gambit from excited to scared and emotions from happy to sad. To say the least its been a roller coaster. Well over the last weekend I had the pleasure of being introduced to some great new friends that are doing some great things for our troops and was invited out to go on a snow machine trip the the beautiful back woods of Alaska. The day was beautiful, scenery stunning, bikes fast and company amazing. When you're out there on these adventures with people you only just meet that truly care about you all of the little problems in life seem to disappear. What seems important no longer is. You find peace, you reflect on those you've lost those that you still have and at the end of the day you look forward to more time spent with your loved ones. I'd like to truly thank the Alaska Healing Hearts program.

"...from the boat, hunting, fishing, then coming back to the cabins and a fire was epic. We could all tell you guys did it for the don't have media in your face all the time."

    "We all loved the way you guys kept it simple was awesome and it wasn't to show off..."

 "I especially loved how, as the only female and with one leg, I wasn't pitied or singled out. Everyone encouraged me to do everything just like the rest and didn't try to baby me. They let me do my thing until I asked, and then they helped. You know how much that meant to me? I felt like one of the guys."

 Even cooler being was that y'all let us be adults, treated us like Warriors and actually showed and allowed us to hunt alone. We weren't micromanaged or treated like "glass ornaments."

 "Since that hunt there hasn't been a day gone buy that I havnt thought about it."
 -Cole Lopez, U.S. Army Veteran



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