We Provide Outdoor Adventures for Military and Veterans, please use the contact tab to connect with our team. Due to the high volume of request we may not be able to immediately place you into your desired program; we have a great team of volunteers that may be able to take you out on another adventure. Our team is  100% volunteer based, most of us work full time, please be patient as we try to reach as many people as possible.




Our Adaptive Hunting Sports Program is unique in that we have no limitations as to who we can bring, if a military hero desires to get back in the woods, we can do it!  We have specialized equipment for veterans with all levels of ability.  We hunt Bear, Caribou, Moose, Wolf, Water fowl and various other game. Our hunts have a  limited participant availablity, we are limited with funding, donations and seasonal windows of opperation.


Shooting Sports

Our Adaptive Shooting Sports Program focuses on getting our military veterans back on the shooting range for both for fun and competition.  We have shooting clinics throughout the year to include trap, sporting clays, and regular range shooting.  At least once a year, we have a shooting competition that draws veterans from different military services and eras in a one-of-a-kind shooting event Western Warrior Days.


Outdoor Programs

In addition to our Alaskan Hunting and Shooting Programs, we strive to connect veterans to outdoor activities where they can find healing.  Our fishing program gets our military heroes back on the water doing what they love.  We do large and small group charters during the year, linking our veterans with the best fishing guides, and volunteer anglers in Alaska to ensure their experience is one that will keep them connected to healing waters!



100% Volunteer, we are supported by our amazing sponsors!

  • No salaries or compensation provided to board or any volunteers

  • No companies are used for fundraising.

  • All support is strictly on a volunteer basis.


100% Free to Military ,Veterans and their families. 

Our nonprofit provides hunting, shooting, fishing, and other outdoor activities to veterans at no expense.


Who We Serve

We serve veterans recovering from and learning to adjust to life, traumatic brain injuries (TBI), and post-traumatic stress (PTSD). Helping our honored veterans find their “new normal”.  We are a Community Partner with several other agencies, we work with several other veteran-support agencies to bring in veterans that they support in their programs. We help our service members with basic needs and rehabilitation therapy.